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I adore the idea of using my slow cooker, but everything I cook seems to have the same, ‘brown’ taste. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have any great recipes they could share? 

Are you cooking vegetarian recipes? I have found when I cook veggie/vegetable recipes they taste like that, it really comes into its own with meat hmmm If I do cook veggie stuff, I only leave it on a short time, it’s not the sort of food you can leave in all day. In saying that, I do leave soup all day, but then I blend that anyway….

Apologies if you are veggie, but in terms of meat dishes I have heard you need to brown the meat before putting it in, as that seals in the flavour, however, I have never done this and it always comes out tasting yummy. What sort of things are you making?

Hey Dandelion! I was cooking veggies - I think I’ve been leaving them on too long. However, yesterday I tried it with chicken AND vegetables, and browned the meat first. I also didn’t put too much stock in. It was sensational! I wonder if I’ve just been leaving things on way too long?

Hello! I’m glad it came out tasty for you! I think maybe it is a time thing, the temptation is to leave it on all day but with vegetable dishes they don’t seem to need that long. Stock is a funny thing, as whatever you put in is still going to be there when your dish is finished, it doesn’t necessarily thicken or reduce, yet I always like to have enough to cover the contents. I will sometimes drain some off if needed. I hope you have many more happy slow cooker meals!

HI Guys, can i ask what type of slow cookers you have?  I read something somewhere about some lead leaching risk which put me off a bit :( Abel and Cole do a weekly slow cooker recipe box; may be good inspiration point!

Hi. I’ve just got a standard Russell Hobbs number. Hadn’t heard about lead leeching - that’s a bit worrying!

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