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Shadow by Michael Morpurgo is one of those books which is meant for kids but there’s such a great storyline I was hooked. I read it in a few hours because it is a kids’ book, an independent child reader would take longer. I picked it up because I loved War Horse and this was a similar theme. Very modern and really good insight into Detention Centres and the plight of asylum seekers. I thought it was a good, entertaining read as well as one which made you stop and think. I hugged everyone a bit tighter when I finished reading.

Worth a read.

This is on my book shelf but haven’t thought to read it .......................yet !

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

DD(8) has just read her first Michael Morpurgo book - Listen to the moon. It was given to her as gift and she couldn’t put it down. Dh now has it and she’s insistent I’m next. I will look out a copy of Shadow. I have a sense there may be a few of his books to be read here. Thanks

My son loved Shadow and is reading his way through all Michael Morpurgo’s books. He’s loved every book he’s read so far. What a wonderful, imaginative author he is. We went to watch War Horse on the stage recently and it was brilliant

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