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Hi Guys, I’am new here. 

I’ve just become a dad and started to understand how important it is to save my child from artificial detergents.

At the moment I am reseraching the Internet looking for some eco-friendly solutions in laundry washing.  Been using vinegar, but the smell is unbearable. 

Looking forward to getting some ideas and solution from you.


Hi Peter! Good to have you here. Have you looked into Soap Nuts? There’s some good information about them here. I’m sure others here will have more ideas! 

Big fan of Ecoballs- no chemicals, work well, very economically as they last for years.

moggy - 08 January 2018 01:25 PM

Big fan of Ecoballs- no chemicals, work well, very economically as they last for years.

This is one of those things that i have been ‘meaning’ to try for ages !

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

Thanks for the first ideas.

Do you perhaps know if they also remove dogs hair easily?

Have been reading about some special washing mangets which are said to be very efficient too. Will check about it and let you know.


Hi All,

I’ve ordered soap nuts and the magnets. The site I bought the magnets from is

Just got the magnets and the results of my first use are amazing! No detergents just pure water with the magnets. This is beyond my understand that this works. But the effects are more than I could ever expected.

Still waiting for the soap nuts, but I as for now I recommend the magnets.

Will keep you posted.

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