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My DD started her periods yesterday. She is dealing with it very well, using naturacare regular during the day, and trying the super overnight. She seems to be going through the regular ones quite quickly.  At school she changed twice today.  She always had sensitive skin when she was younger which is why I went with this brand.  Is there a brand which would be more absorbant for her, but organic?
Also she is part of a swim team and normally swims 3 times a week, can anyone suggest something she could use and still swim?  I never swim if my period is on, and never have. However, I don’t want her to miss a week a month if we can help it, but she isn’t keen on tampon idea.

mum to a wonderful 9 year old daughter - Alanna, the light of my life


Hi Skyowl,
That’s wonderful that your daughter’s taking it all in her stride.
I love Moon Times and Honour your Flow (links in this article - https://thegreenparent.co.uk/articles/read/alternatives-to-tampons) for washable pads, etc.
Rachel at Moon Times is really knowledge and should be able to offer advice re: swimming and periods.
Here’s a nice piece about marking the transition, in case you’re interested, too. https://thegreenparent.co.uk/articles/read/making-menarche-special
Happy new phase of parenting! xx

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