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I am a student looking for parents views on the use of technology in schools, such as ipads and tablets.
Do you think that this is an appropriate method of learning or do you think that hands on,more tactile learning is much more beneficial?

If so, what ways do you think would be most effective in tackling this issue?

Thank you.

I think tablets have their place just like any other learning tool. I don’t think learning should be solely done on a screen and hands on learning is by far the best for the youngest of children, but I do think technology has a very important place. Our children are growing up in a different time to us and I believe it to be detrimental to shield them from what they will need in their adulthood, the same as anything else. My children are now HE but at their junior schools they had iPads which they used in class at times. They also had a fantastic drama and music department, a high level of sports and science teaching (both in school hours and at heavily subsided after school clubs). They took part in many community events and had their own allotment patch.

As home educators, we use tablets and laptops as learning tools along with books, trips out, specialised clubs taught by professionals, hands on learning and experiences. So as long as the tablet use is integrated within the curriculum along with everything else I don’t see it as a problem to be used in schools. Different children learn in different ways and schools should teach in a variety of ways to reflect that.

My middle child learns best through researching his own interests online and watching documentaries. He’s fascinated by all things computers and has taught himself how to build one (through his own research on you tube and various websites). My eldest daughter is a book worm and learns best through reading information. She doesn’t like hands on things as she finds it easier to just read facts. My youngest is a hands on learner and will try things out and constantly ask questions.

My point is, in my opinion, there is no one right way to learn so schools should use a variety of teaching methods so as to reach the needs of the children all with different learning styles.

Agree with Skye-Blu it’s all about balance. My son has to look up definitions of words every week for homework and he uses Ok Google rather than a dictionary. At first I was a bit put out that he did this but then I thought it’s just progress! Technology is definitely the future for his generation whether we want it to be or not.

According to me, using technology is quite OK at schools, provided students use it for the right purpose.

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