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I’ve had a difficult 18 months…my Dad died, one of my best friends had breast cancer, and I lost three babies.

in December, I unexpectedly found myself pregnant. My cycle hadn’t returned since the last miscarriage at the end of October/start of November.

It is very much a wanted baby and I am happy, but too fearful to be excited. We had so e early bleeding, but scans at 8 and 10 weeks showed a healthy baby with a heartbeat. (We don’t know exactly when we are due, but they said we were about 8 weeks at the first scan, but it could change when they do more accurate measurements at the 12 week scan next week…when we are 13 weeks by their calculations).

anyway, I have been fortunate not to be sick, but I am bone tired, and have been from the beginning. I have had two naps today already. I work part time and have a 3 year old. I have so much I want to do, but even washing the breakfast dishes is just too much effort.

i am scared by how exhausted I am. I am not eating brilliantly which I want to work on, but getting to the shops and cooking is just too much for me, it feels like a. Downward circle.

Does anyone have any good tips for trying to feel less exhausted, and also trying to relax and trust this pregnancy may finally result in a baby?

thank you!

Hello, you are not alone! After having my two children, I was shocked, to say the least, about having two early miscarriages when trying for number three. Happily I can now say my adorable number 3 is now 6 months old. 

I felt I couldn’t let myself bond with number 3, just in case, until much later in the pregnancy. The previous miscarriages led to anxiety and panic attack symptoms, on top of extreme nausea and exhaustion. I often had to crawl up the stairs and felt unable to do even the simplest tasks. 

My tips would be to rest as much as you can (easier said than done!) - lie down if you can, eat something at least hourly, breakfast cereal helped me, don’t feel guilty to accept help and don’t feel guilty either if your partner takes on more of the load for a short while. Tackle things slowly and don’t compare yourself to what you used to be able to do, things are different right now.  You’ll more than make up for it when the baby arrives! 

To calm my fears I threw myself into gardening, just getting out in the fresh air helps.  Although I had to wait a while before I even had the energy to focus and read a gardening magazine.  I had a couple of sessions with a counsellor/hypnotherapist who was able to explain in clear terms what I was feeling and a plan of action, with relaxation breathing exercises. The breathing really helped me to stay calm when it all felt too much in the middle of the night!  Yoga for pregnancy really helped too.

It seems like forever when you are going through it, but it does get better and soon enough all this will be a distant memory! x

Hi Mimi,
I can understand your present situation. All you have to do is to stay strong. Pray to God Almighty, who is the supreme power. How many months are you now? Just consult your doctor and ask whether it is safe to do prenatal yoga or not. If he agrees to it, then practice prenatal yoga as it is one of the best exercises to reduce the tension. It can also help you for a normal delivery. Just refer this article to know more about the health benefits of prenatal yoga:

You can perform swimming as it is also a very good exercise to make your body flexible. Always try to be engaged. Never sit idle as it can bring unwanted thoughts to your mind. Will surely pray for you to give birth to a healthy baby. May God Bless you.

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