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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my current situation with my eldest son and see if anyone has any insight or has been through something similar.

My son is 4 years old and we currently home educate him as school wasn’t right for him.

He has been dry since he was 2 but has recently started wetting again. He started it when we enrolled him into school.

Now he will do it at home for no reason. He knows how to go by himself, but instead will just go in his pants. He has also started wetting at night again which is really frustrating and the worst bit is he will now do it just to be naughty, for example the other evening he took off his socks, weed on them and out them back in his drawer????
I have no idea whats going on, i keep asking him and he just stares at me.

I try to keep calm but this is starting to get me down.

Morning Kaylee.
Just to say from a parents point of view; stop pointing the bed wetting will stop, just cuddles and listen ....
You have your thing to say but so does he; he’s not doing this purposely it’s becoming habitual so change the way you react to it.
I know you’re prolly fed up to the back teeth but it does stop.
I actually bed wet myself when I was young, I remember because my dad kept pointing it out to me….
None of my kids do though (4) However both my school children are on reds so none of us are perfect are we


Hi Kaylee, it’s quite stressful when things like this happen and you don’t know why it’s happening. Can I just ask, how long has your son been out of school? Does he go to any other groups with or without you?

In my experience (worked with young children for more years than I care to think about!) something like this won’t be just to be “naughty”. There will be some reason behind it. This could be something that he’s worried about/bottling up, or because of a learning difficulty or because of a urine infection or various other reasons. (I say the last one because if it hurts to wee then he may feel worried about going to the toilet, then have an accident and then worry that he’ll be in trouble so hide the evidence - ie putting his wet socks back in the drawer). Obviously I don’t know the entire scenario.

However, I do feel there will be some form of reason behind this. Firstly, I would make sure there is no medical reason for this such as the urine infection. If you’re sure it’s just behaviour then look at the things you do, places you go, people you see. Are there are any links? Does it happen on the same day each week? Every day? Certain times of the day etc? Try and narrow it down to see if there is any form of pattern as to when it happens.

My daughter suffers with anxiety but it took us years to figure that one out as it wasn’t obvious. It would be displayed in anger directed at her little brother rather than looking like she was scared/nervous/on edge about anything. While you’re trying to narrow it down, don’t make a big thing about it. Getting cross will make the behaviour worse - especially if it’s anxiety related. Just clean it up with an “oh dear, not to worry” type attitude and hopefully it will pass in time.

Best of luck and I hope you get to the bottom of it. Hugs. x

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