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Hi we are new to the green parent we have four children maisie 15 jonny 13 Tommy 10 and Louie 9 by wife teaches them at home as I work as a carpenter we are looking for some advise on gcses for maisie can you take art as a gcse for home schooled children 

Hi Davey and welcome to The Green Parent forum. I also HE my three children (aged very nearly 6, very nearly 13 and 15). My daughter (eldest) is currently studying towards some GCSEs so I might be able to help a little bit. As far as I know about art is that it is possible to do but you need to have a centre which will allow you do to the coursework. It appears to very difficult to arrange this so I think there may be only a couple of places in the country that will offer it. Most home educators do the Arts Awards. These aren’t “equivalent” in the normal sense but the silver award is a level 2 qualification that is inline with GCSEs.  If your daughter is planning on doing an arts related course, very often home educated children can get in through a strong portfolio, if, however, she needs a gcse it fulfil the requirement of 5-6 GCSEs (or whatever her course asks for) then it would be down to each particular college as to whether they will accept the Arts Award in place of a GCSE.
My daughter is planning on starting to work towards her silver award in September as she is hoping to get on to an arts related course in the future (although as with most teenagers this may well change!)
If you need any other info, just ask. I’ve been researching GCSEs/IGCSEs since we were considering deregistering my daughter back when she was 12 (too her out when she was 13) so I feel I’ve read enough to know most things about GCSEs and equivalents and how to go about them all. Now all I need is to put them all into practice!!

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