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Hi all!

I’m looking for inspired ideas about how to engage children of different ages between 4 and 10 on our plastics problem! (I have a 4 year old and like-minded friends with children of different ages). Any thoughts - activities, books, games, projects - gratefully received. Thanks.

Hi! My two 7-year-olds respond well to very direct methods. We live near the beach, so every time we visit, we’ll wander along the shoreline and do a litter pick. It’s pretty shocking how much plastic you’ll find scattered about, not only on beaches, but also in parks, hedgerows and roadsides. We (along with most of the rest of the nation) also watched Blue Planet 2, which was a brilliant conversation starter about plastics and the environment. We chat about plastics and packaging in supermarkets or at the shops, trying to pick out the most environmentally friendly options. One of my children is very keen on tinkering, mending and inventing, so I’m also on the lookout for a Repair Cafe near us – community groups that recycle and extend the lives of products that might otherwise go into landfill. This seems like a good, practical, direct way to start a conversation about our attitude to consumables, and lots of fun too. 

My kids and I often go to the beach not just to enjoy the sun and play water sports, but to also participate in beach clean-ups. I personally think that this is helpful in making them understand how harmful materials like plastics pollute the ocean. Anyway, I’m also a restaurant owner, so whenever I buy paper straws bulk items from this online provider or at other physical stores, I explain to my kids the importance of these eco-friendly alternatives. This way, I can encourage them to use environmentally-friendly items instead of those that can harm the environment.

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