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My 8 year old daughter has asked (again) to be home schooled. As this is not the first time I’m giving it serious consideration. There doesn’t appear to be any specific issues with school, I.e, she is not being bullied and is performing well. She simply says “it doesn’t feel right”. I have to say, I get this - I officially left school on the pretence of being home schooled at age 14. I simply never went to school and my poor mother couldn’t make me! It was her only option otherwise face prosecution. I wasn’t interested in academic learning until much later in life - last year I completed my Master degree and honestly believe that by not having mainstream education forced on me, I kinda took it upon myself to want to learn. 

As as I write this I’m finding that my decision to home school my girl makes more and more sense. I think writing this post is helping clarify my thoughts. My daughter is just like me - she’s passionate, has a free spirit and care deeply about what’s morally right and wrong. Beaucracy has never been my strong point, and weirdly I can see that in her. She’s not the type of child to tell “cos I said so”. It just never works. She needs to understand why and can ‘it’ be done another way, a better more thoughtful way. 

I have spoken to a to a lovely lady this evening who has home educated her 3 children. I have to say it was very reassuring to speak to her. Questions like, am I good enough to educated my daughter? What if I mess up her life? Can I cope with her boundless energy? But then, keeping her in mainstream ed leaves lots of unanswered questions as well.

I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this and if anyone who home educates their children around the Newton Abbot area could get in touch, that would be so helpful. I kinda feel alone right now so am reaching out

Thanks in advance

Hi Lisa

I am currently home educating my two youngest children and have been doing so for about 10 years (at different times I have HE all four children; HE three with one child in school; HE two with one in school and one at college and currently HE two with one studying for an HND and one working).

It’s completely normal to have concerns about whether you will be up to the task, one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received was that, at the very least, you will be able to share knowledge up to your level of education.

Unfortunately we don’t live nearby however I’ve found some links which I hope you will find useful: - this was one of the first organisations that I contacted when I started out

LETS No. 72

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