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I used to have my own website selling hand knitted baby clothes ( and advertised with The Green Parent )  but it closed a few years ago. I’ve recently taken up knitting again, and started buying different yarns, such as pure cotton, bamboo and kapok. 
I’m just wondering if there is a market for hand knitted first and second size clothes in sustainable materials. I’m also interested in what people of an ’ alternative lifestyle’ dress their babies in apart from black babygros !

Hi Kate
I love handmade clothes (knitted or otherwise) interested in anything using natural materials. I only wish I was more handy with the needles! I am back using my sewing machine and dd has just started to use it too. She is designing and making her dolls clothes which is just lovely to watch.
So I would say absolutely I’d Love to see some of your work x

I’ve got a FB page and an Etsy shop, frantically knitting trying to add stock! I have never been able to sew, not even a straight line, and I can’t crochet either. I envy people who are multi-talented.

Wow Good luck with your business. Natural is best way to go. Please post how its going and let us know how to find you x

My Etsy shop is handknitforbabies. I have a few things made in pure cotton, merino, and oa cardigan in baby alpaca and mulberry silk. Currently working on a baby boy’s tank top ( if they are still called that ! ) in shades of grey in pure cotton.

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