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Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all! I am so glad to be on this forum. I was looking for such for parents and garden lovers. I became a parent 3 years ago but I share my passion with my little girl. She loves to help me! You know..playing with soil is fun! What about you? Do you share your passion with children?

Hello EcoMum7 welcome to the forum
I’m Steph mum to dd who is now 9 and ds who is 6. We love all things green, outdoors, crafty and mad about our small smallholding
The forum is a little quiet these days but you’ll find massive amounts of information from past threads. If I have a question chances are its been discussed in some form before…it’s been an absolute saviour at times. I’ve been reading GP for 9yrs now and still love it. Blimey can’t believe its been that long…time really does fly enjoy every minute of your little girl growing up xx

Welcome from us at The Green Parent too EcoMum, I share my passion of music with my daughters, although my eldest is now starting to educate me in new music!
Steph, 9 years reading TGP! I think you should get some sort of certificate :-D

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