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Does anyone have any recommendations for good shampoo and conditioner solid bars? I am trying to reduce our family’s plastic use and billions of single use shampoo bottles are ridiculous! Thank you. x

Hi, I have used ‘Friendly Soap’ shampoo bar before which does the job, not sure they have conditioner as well but worth checking them out grin

Thanks Jez, they look great, I’ll give them a go. They don’t seem to have conditioner too but their shampoo sounds so nice conditioner may be unnecessary! x

Our family use Weleda Calendula soap bar (and Rosemary soap bar when available). Myself and dd have to use conditioner also and use the rosemary hair oil (glass) and oat conditioner (plastic) Its hard isn’t it but at least if we all try to make changes where we can it adds up. I heard Lush do some shampoo bars - might be worth a look? but not sure on ingredients..x.

I’ve started to rinse with apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner, so far so good

We use Funky Soap’s Moringa Shampoo Bar and absolutely love it!

I love the Lush solid shampoo bars, although I’m banned from using the jasmine-scented Godiva because my children think it smells of cat wee. I love it :-(

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