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My son has severe eczema and we’ve tried all the creams that the doctor gave us, including steroids and tried lush products and childs farm, oilatum, aveeno and baby dove over the counter. I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible but living with in laws who are very much not interested in that life and so it is hard. He’s currently got Hydromol ointment being put on him multiple times a day but still itchy and the dermatologist says he’ll grow out of it, but any way of making that happen sooner:lol: any advice or help is welcomed.

Firstly, eczema is an internal problem.  No amount of creams, lotions or other such things applied to the skin will make it go away until the inside of the body is brought into balance.  They will help to calm the skin but you have to tackle possible food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies in order to get real results.  Most docs, unfortunately, deal in treating symptoms, not causes of diseases. So do some online research into natural cures. See this link for starters:

My daughter had eczema as a toddler but I had nutritional therapy training so was able to identify that she was reacting to dairy, so we went totally dairy free.  Plus I gave her a tablespoon of flax oil daily, mixed with a little fresh juice, as it’s not a pleasant taste.  The red rash outbreaks cleared up.  If she has a lot of chocolate or ice-cream, usually round about Easter, Christmas etc. she will develop red itchy patches on her legs and arms, so all further dairy is stopped and the flax oil comes out again and within 2-3 weeks, the patches go away. 

We use oat milk instead of cows.  You’ll have to try all the dairy-free alternatives to see which one your son likes.  There are many sources online for alternatives to dairy, e.g. vegan websites.  My first thought however is remove dairy completely (milk, cheese, chocolate, check labels on packets etc. for added milk) and supplement with omega-3 oil such as flaxseed oil, as it’s anti-inflammatory.  Eczema is of course an inflammatory condition. 

Good luck.

Hi! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I’ve been out and bought soy formula, he’s iffy on the taste but between that, being out in the sun and surprisingly suncream it’s a bit better. Since he’s only 9 months, is he allowed supplements? Thanks

Yes, you can give him a teaspoon a day of cold-pressed flax oil mixed in with his formula once it is ready to give to him (don’t ever heat the oil though) or stir it into warm vegetable purees or porridge.  I’d urge you to get a copy of this book, it’s got so much info which will help enormously: What Should I Feed My Baby? by Suzannah Olivier.  Talks about rotating milks, instead of relying on one type, e.g. soya, as it can cause allergies also.  She suggests cows milk one day, soya milk the next, goats milk the next. Its really cheap on Amazon just now.

Okay I will do. See I would do that but the cost of it would blow the bank

Absolutely agree with the above but would add if you are needing skin relief Weleda White mallow cream is a great natural alternative. I’ve used it on dd since she was 10mths. She hasn’t had any recent patches but if she did it would be the first thing I would reach for x

This worked for my son:

I have to agree with going non-dairy. My daughters skin transformed in days.

Eczema is an internal problem.  No amount of creams, lotions or other such things applied to the skin will make it go away until the inside of the body is brought into balance.

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