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I am Kate. I am 32 and I have 2 awesome sons ages 6 and 9 and have a bump due in January x 

Hi kate, welcome to the forum grin

Hi Kate
My 2 are 6 and 9 also. I would love to have another ...Enjoy bump number 3 xx

Hi guys’ my name is Carl.
I live in the North of England and for quite some time I have been considering my place in the world and my forever changing and belief in it. I am a condition Catholic but do not subscribe nor believe in the principles or dogma of any prescribed religion. I do understand the desire and yearning of ritual for human beings but don’t know for sure yet whether this is a result of my conditioning or part of my existential search for meaning to life. Regardless of this, I appreciate it for the feelings it evokes or provokes within me. I am drawn to nature and its beauty. I tend to focus on evolution and psychology to define my understanding of all things. With that said, and, for my search for some form of collaboration and solidarity I feel that I would like to commune with like minded individual, and maybe, just maybe, Scientific Pantheist’ are the community of people that might just give me the reassurance and community I have been searching for. For me this is a great leap of faith and I’m hoping to find like minded individuals that have come to the point of ‘fuck it’ this is what I need to do… I’m ready I think to join a group of suchpeople, or even, to start such a group of like minded people in the north of England, those that appreciate ritual, but don’t truly understand why?
To maybe get together and to share a common interest with each other. Do you have an appreciation or an understanding of science, paganism, mythology, etc. but most importantly a love of nature and want to discover more about our relationship with it.
Well this is my first post and I am more than happy to discuss any and all proposals with this regard. Carl

Hello! Nice2meet you ;j

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