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Hi,  Just wondered it we have any older Mums out there?

I’m 41 and considering a second pregnancy after the 11 week premature birth of my daughter 8 years ago left me a little traumatised.  I feel now able to have another go, but not sure if I’m a bit too over the hill….

All opinions greatly appreciated. 

I’d say follow your heart! Couples tend to have babies later in life nowadays so you won’t be the only older mum in a class. Medically speaking it’s a slight higher risk pregnancy but again, as it’s so common, not something out of the ordinary. I’m currently expecting no 4 and am 40 years. My elder kids are 13,11 and nearly 8 and are overjoyed by the prospect of another sibling. We have several friends with their children’s age gap of 8 years or so and yes the kids will have a different relationship than when they are 2 years apart but there won’t be much sibling rivalry and they are still close. The part I’m least looking forward to is the sleepless nights as I do feel older and less tolerant toward this but again as my kids are older and at school during the day, I’ll try and catch up when they are out so I can be less zombie like when they are home. Good luck! X

I’m 39 and my gorgeous little lady is 7 weeks old. She’s my first and I’m overjoyed! I was lucky and fell pregnant straight away.
I was told you have a higher risk of downs syndrome, etc and the hospital kept on at me to test for it but I said no as I would love my child regardless and it would make no difference so why interfer with my body in pregnancy. So be warned you might find that with your hospital! I found it rather frustrating. But apart from that I’ve had absolutely zero problems being an older mum! I love it!!!

Hi, i’m 40 and 27 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. I say follow your heart! As the posters above have said there is a slight higher risk of Downs but lots of people are having children at a later age. I have found this pregnancy harder but I don’t know if that’s age or being a mum of two, lol!  Sending you lots of love and good luck!

This looks to be an old thread! Just thought I’d share with you ‘older’ mums that I was 48 years old when I had my little boy…he is now 4 and I am 52!!!  When my little boy was born my husband and I had been together nearly 30 years! My pregnancy was straight forward.  I seem to be just as tired as younger mums especially as we home school. I am from a different generation…but wonder at younger couples trying to build social lives, careers, pay mortgages all with several children…they are amazing.  Many younger parents do not consider their parents too old to look after their children while they work, so I do not consider myself too old to parent full time - I love being an older mum.  I will just add that I have never been asked my age by other parents, age doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Hi, I’m 40 and my youngest is 2. I’ve also got an older son who is 13. Personally I found my second pregnancy harder going than the first being older. I think it took more of a toll on my health too and I’ve now got lordosis in my lower spine (he was a big baby though!). I definitely forgot how tiring it was having a new born and I’ve not bounced back as quickly as I did with my eldest.

That said, I wouldn’t change him for the world! He’s a little bundle of fun and energy. I’m much more relaxed as a mum second time round. My eldest loves having a little brother and helps me out a lot. I don’t feel I was treated differently by midwives etc due to my age, apart from having a few extra tests.

I’d also say follow your heart ❤

Nothing is more rewarding than to give birth to a human and raise her/him well. Reading this post makes me more proud as a mother and as a daughter of my beloved Mom.

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