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Good afternoon everyone, I’m a mother of nearly two children Gyda is 19 months old and baby bump is 3 months . i live in Cornwall in padstow area and i would like lots of information on homeschooling please ! Thank you

PS : to learn lots and if there is anyone in my area that would like to meet? Xx 

Hi, Nowadays homeschooling could be the smartest way to teach kids and recently I have read somewhere that homeschooling numbers double in Cornwall so, that’s a great news If you think about it. I’ll give you my example. I’m a mother of one and last year he was in 2nd grade and he was not enjoying much in school then I have decided to teach him at home and now It’s totally different scenario than before and I’m also happy about him and I had a doubt about homeschooling but I think the decision was great for me and as well as my son also It helps me to builds personal growth for both my son and me. of course there are some benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling but overall things are great.

Thank you for your reply! Did you follow the curriculum? By disadvantage and benefits you mean?

Not particular but in general, I follow the online resources who provide homeschooling curriculum. disadvantages for me like kids don’t get the typical school atmosphere and sometimes Socialization become an issue otherwise everything is ok.

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