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i am trying to cut out as much plastic as I can from our daily lives. However, I am really struggling! 

I have two young children and I am on a VERY tight budget.

i would love to get all my food shopping from a farm shop and buy loose products and leave with a paper bag, but I just cannot afford to do this.

i currently shop at LIDL, because it’s cheap, but almost EVERYTHING is wrapped in plastic!!

where can I shop for food that does not have everything packaged in plastic but is still affordable? 

I wanted to try out a zero waste store but I am not aware of any in my area.

i will be switching to bamboo toothbrushes, solid soap and shampoo bars, and a metal water bottle rather than plastic, but does anyone have any more tips please?! 

Is it possible to get dog food in a cardboard box instead of plastic?!!

Hi! I sympathise with this. Lidl aren’t great for packaging, but their fruit and veg is cheap – I’ve shopped there for years. However, amazingly, I’ve found an independent fruit and veg shop near me that does a weekly box that is cheaper and doesn’t use plastic – it’s definitely worth hunting around, as not all greengrocers are super-expensive.

It’s also worth seeking out supermarkets that do ‘wonky boxes’ – Lidl have started doing it at some of their stores, and ASDA do one too! There’s a piece about it here

We also do the odd spot of foraging – the kids love it and, of course, it’s absolutely free! There’s a good guide here 

You can usually find cheaper water bottles in TK Maxx – they always seem to have some on offer. 

Hi, town centre markets are great and really cheap, if you bring a bag they will tip it all in so there is no packaging at all. Sometimes they have scoop and weigh too, so if you bring boxes you can fill them. Large Asian corner shops often have veg loose too.

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