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Hi Green Parents,

I’m a three under three mum who is in the very early stages of regaining my sanity/ sleep and is in trying to put in steps to be greener. I would love some quick changes I can do today/tonight/this week that can help us along our journey without forking out billions or starting to curd my own whey. So far we have:
Switched to eco bathroom and kitchen products (not dishwasher or washing machine though my budget is being pushed enough)
Started using reusable cloths for everyday cleaning.
Everyone has their own water bottle 
We eat pretty clean anyway/batch cook and recycle to a certain degree as per council schemes.
I dont like waste - I’m surrounded by inlaws who love to spoil the kids with loud plastic breakable toys so I dont/won’t buy the kids anything but books during the year, then we have been doing experiences as presents and limiting stockings for things they need rather than tat.
I have good intentions but I’m also a ridiculously tired mum who feels like she’s falling apart most days - Im not perfect but I’m trying. Any one got ideas on how I can succeed this week?! Thanks x

I love your inspiring message. You’ve done so much already! With three under three too!
You want ideas on how to succeed but it sounds like you already are.
Do you get any downtime? That could be this week’s goal - some time each day to focus on yourself.
Sleeping is a very green activity! As is walking in the woods, picking blackberries, etc.
Good luck xx

Hey! You sound like you’re doing brilliantly! This year we’ve tried to start one new habit every month to cut down on waste. So far I’ve switched to solid shampoo bars, started ordering a veg box from my local greengrocer rather than a supermarket, swapped to vegetarian dinners for five days a week, started picking up five items of plastic from the beach and putting them in a bin each time we visit, have tried to stick to a reusable drinks bottle, have only bought second-hand clothes (apart from underwear), and always use the eco wash on my machine/dishwasher. They’re all very small steps, but permanent, and I’m hoping to build on them in the next year. I’m sure you do most of them already, but you might find some ideas in there!

You are already doing an amazing job as Melissa says with 3 under 3 thats no mean feat!!
Sounds like some self care should be high on your list though. You are already making an amazing difference and you should hold that.
Any little time you have find time to just to be. My fav go to at this time of year is hot mug of elderberry/blackthorn and sit / walk barefoot in nature. Even if its only 5minutes, it can be enough to renew me (a little while anyway) 
Light and love 

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