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We are returning moving from California to the UK,  we have been lucky to experience creative/progressive schools and keen to transfer our kids to something similar. We need to be within 1hr max train journey into London and would like to find somewhere where we could meet ‘our tribe.’  Can anyone recommend  an area where we could find a school that preferably has mixed age groups, hands on learning, whole child ethos, creative. Ideally we would like to be in or a near a city.

Thanks in advance!

Brighton is probably your best bet:
Good luck with the move.

I would highly recommend Meadowbrook Montessori in Warfield, near Bracknell, lovely Berkshire countryside setting.
Not sure of the journey time into London?
I have twins there who are flourishing. The class sizes are small, the ethos is truly child centred, not like some schools who say they are. It has Montessorian roots and progressive practise. I love observing the childrens community meetings, where they solve their own issues collectively. It like extended family, nurturing, loving and respectful. Only wish more schools were like this. Any recommendations for secondary schools anyone? Having had this foundation for my two, and to see them developing into more of who they are, rather than be moulded into a product of education, I’m really keen to find the right secondary environment for them.

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