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My son started reception in September and propr to that I home ed him so he had always had nurture and a lot of love.He was a confident bight boy and would talk to anyone,everyone I met would comment on his confidence.

Since starting school he has shown a lot of distress,firstly separating from myself but this seemed to be less stressful for him after a few weeks.But then he has been withdrawn,moody,angry after school.His teacher shouts a lot and threatens to throw the children’s work in the bin if they don’t put it away.I have learned from other parents that they think the teacher is harsh.

I spoke to this teacher recently and he said he speaks to my son with ‘short,sharp commands’ he didn’t explain why and seems abrupt with my son.My son is the only child in his class that didn’t get a star yet (reward for being good). My son is genuinely not a bad or naughty child,he is getting used to taking instructions and is very empathetic to other children,he likes to help.

i am genuinely concerned about the behaviour of this teacher.The class is 20 children in total and there is a teaching assistant to help,I don’t understand why the teacher shouts so much.I worry this behaviour is having a very negative effect on my child and don’t know if this is normal? (He is my eldest child and first to go to school)

my my son loves his friends at school but he often asks if school is the next day and dreads going back even on Saturday he will ask if he has to go back after the weekend.

My heart really goes out to you and your son, a negative experience in reception could really effect your child’s long term view of school. A reception teacher should have a calm and nurturing approach and not be short and sharp. If your child is feeling unhappy about going to school then the school should be made aware if this. I have been a teacher for over 20 years and I can honestly say I’ve not come across a reception teacher who shouts, in a situation where they need to be firm, they do it in a way that doesn’t come across as sharp or angry. I hope things improve for your son soon, reception should be a happy experience.

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