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Just wondering who’s around the forum at the moment? Haven’t posted on a loooong while but still lurking around! 

I’ve just stopped for lunch, DS and I are having a sort through of his bedroom, having a bit of a pre-christmas clear out and a tidy up. The sun is just about breaking through the grey clouds, so I might try and get some washing on the line, though I doubt very much it’ll dry…..

Anyone else here? 

I’m here grin I’ve just put my washing out too (no sun though)! I hate using the drier or radiators the time of year, I wonder if there are any other solutions?

Ha, I’ve found the solution


That’s so funny, I can just imagine I’d leave a trail of clothes around town though!!

We don’t have a drier so any chance I can I get stuff on the line, even if it doesn’t dry it’s had a bit of an airing! It’s actually pouring down today and I’ve got to go out in a bit and I really want to stay nestled here at home nursing my cup of tea…..ah well, it’s soup and crumble night tonight, soup’s in the slow cooker and crumble topping is made, so I’ve got that to look forward to on my return… grin

Great planning, I wish I was that organised. A slow cooker might help, any suggestions on buying one/brand etc, never used one before but like the idea of tea being ready when I get back from work grin

I drop by from time to time…miss the old forum…still love GP…kids growing up fast…hope you are well xx

Hey MrsZoo, lovely to see you here, we are good thank you (although full of colds this week) hope you are too?

Jez, we have a Morphy Richards slow cooker , I think it’s this one although that doesn’t help as it doesn’t look like they still make it.

We must have had ours about 8 years or so, it’s a massive pot so you can make double batches of things, which is good.

I really love ours, but it took a few goes at certain things to learn the art of using it (well, not so much using it, but making *nice* things in it). Meat based meals are easy to master, and what I love is that you can go to the butcher and get the cheaper cuts of meat (cuts that don’t even grace the supermarket shelves, so not only is it more economical it is also a more ethical way to eat meat if you do), and they just turn out so delicious! We bought some beef knuckle from our butcher, it cost about £4 and literally fed us all week in one form or another. I was a bit fed up of it by the end of the week, but couldn’t believe the value!

In terms of veggie meals, which most of ours are, I have to say that tomato based veggie dishes cook better than those just stock/gravy based. So tomato lentil sauces for spag bol, pasta, lasagne, that sort of thing are great. As are soups with beans, split peas etc. Curries are good. If I am making a veggie casserole I tend to stick to a tomato/stock liquid, and then throw in some dumplings for the last hour or so. Ours gets used most days, if not for our evening meal then to make a soup.

I’ve just been diagnosed with Coeliac disease and really missing my porridge for breakfast, so next on the list to try in the slow cooker is rice pudding, I’m so looking forward to getting up to a warm breakfast!! Oh the simple things…...!

Hope that helps, I realise I’ve just read an essay on slow cooking!

Dandelion and Daisy, what were your symptoms of coeliac disease? I’m having a few health problems at the moment and trying to rule things out. Pasta is a definite trigger but it appears wholemeal bread is ok (although I’m getting general symptoms every single day so not sure really but just know it’s not an obvious trigger).

Hello Skye-Blu! I was a bit of an odd diagnosis from what I can gather having looked into it further now…I was hospitalised with anaemia and had to have a blood transfusion, luckily for me I had a *very* savvy doctor who requested blood tests and a camera test where they diagnosed coeliac….because the lining of the intestine is damaged you can’t absorb nutrients the same, which is why I had anaemia. But mostly I think you can request a blood test from GP. I’m feeling *so* much better, I hope you get whatever it is sorted (p.s. you have to be eating gluten when the tests are done, so if you are seeking tests don’t be tempted to go gluten-free first) xx

Thank you. I have a blood test tomorrow morning to test for anaemia among other things. I’m just sick of feeling rough and just want to go back to feeling healthy again. I’m getting silent reflux type symptoms but acid reducing meds make no difference and acidic foods don’t appear to make it worse so I’m not so sure. I just know (at the moment) pasta is the biggest culprit but I quit that in July but I’m still having symptoms every day (just not as severe as when I ate pasta). Been having tests since October and still none the wiser. Hospital appt in march but seeing as my current symptoms are all in my throat I’m seeing a throat specialist so not holding out much hope of any answers just yet as I feel it’s a digestive issue causing the reflux symptoms.

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