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I am the proud single mum of two children….girl 10 and boy 12. Angelus (boy) has Aspergers and has become a tech adict (mobile, pc and gameboy). When i try to remove them, he either flips or is willing to sell his soul to get them back. I have tried the reward system, where he is only allowed 1hr after HW, which didnt work and iv tried the weekend system, where he is only allowed the pc on friday after HW, all saturday (apart from his violin lessons) and all sunday til 7pm! It is very hard to get him to interect with us and although he loves nature, it is hard to get him out of the house into it. Today was a struggle just to get him to have a few rounds of cards with us….and crafts is out of the question. We are moving back to our old house in the country side in july and i am tempted not to get internet installed, but realistically i dont know if im ready to survive without it (youtube research and movie streaming, and fb a little). I am currently out of ideas and id like some advice pls.

I can’t really give any advice but just to say I hear you. My daughter suffers with daily anxiety, severe at times. (I’ve always suspected ASD). She’s 16 now and uses her devices as her escape, to calm her anxieties down. I’ve battled with her and myself over the years but now she’s 16, it’s predominantly her choice. And to be honest, I would much rather her use devices to calm her anxiety than alcohol or drugs. Anxious people have their own coping techniques and this one is hers. In a world full of devices, I’m not so sure, once they’re making their own decisions you can do anything about it. No help at all I know. Sorry. xxx

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