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Hi, i dont know if im in the right place but id like to know if this feeling is normal? Im a mom to four kids that i had in my 20s, now at 36 i cant stop the feeling of wanting another baby. My husband is 47 and i have everything i could ask for. My kids want another sibling and my husband says he doesnt mind, but i cant help but question are we too old? Is there too much of an age gap? 14,10,8,8. Is it justbecause i miss the baby age? I feel sooo stressed but i cant stop thinking about it.

If it’s right for you then go for it ! Your never too old for anything ! Good Luck.

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

We had my 3rd when my first two were 7 and 9 and I was 35. I think if your heart is saying go for it and you don’t you’ll always be thinking “what if”. The way we decided was that we would NEVER regret having another baby (you’d never wish your child wasn’t there!) but we might regret NOT having one. So that was decision made.

I worry about the kids not having “grown up” together and also my husband is a little worried about being in his 60s when they are teens.

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