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I haven’t been on here for a while, and when I do, I tend to come on and moan. So I apologise for that. I use Facebook for a lot of things bit sometimes I want to say things without my name attached to it. (Not that I’m completely anonymous on here as some people know me in real life). 
Anyway, since I can remember, my dreams were to travel the world and buy a camper and travel the UK. I did a tiny bit of European travel in my early 20s but myself boyfriend then (husband now) is the complete opposite and doesn’t like going abroad so he would never come with me. So once my first child was born 16yrs ago we’ve never left the country.
Then my first born developed anxiety, especially around traveling so my much loved holiday destination of Cornwall was put on hold and we’ve not been more than 4hrs from home in 8yrs.

Only half my post came through!! Will come back on when I have a minute to add the rest. x

Third time lucky?? I keep trying to post the rest of this but it keeps giving me an error message. It gets more condensed every time I write it!!

Basically, I’d love to find small campsites where other HE single/travelling alone parents meet with their young ones. I’m a bit of a introvert so this is quite a deal for me but I’d just like to do things with the only child who wants to come with me before I get too old to enjoy it!! I can’t do big social meets like festivals and I’d need to feel it’s ok to go off and do our own thing too. Anyone else feel like me? Do things like this exist already?

Hello Lovely,

I can imagine your frustration with this.

I will send you some links to my neck of the woods, there will be something ideal for you I am sure x

Home Eding Mama of 2 gorgeous boys! Trying to live magically on this wild and crazy earth.

You don’t have to apologise lovely, I really value this space for sounding out ideas and having a moan if we need one in ways that you sometimes cant IRL.

What about going camping somewhere local to you so you could build your confidence that you *can* do it (I’d probably struggle even putting a tent up on my own hmmm ) and then maybe you could start venturing further?

I don’t know about designated meets for single parents, and would be cautious of advertising the fact that I would be alone I think, so I’m not sure how you could safely do that unless you arranged to meet up with someone you knew (even online).

We haven’t been camping much but kids seem to gravitate towards each other on campsites, especially if there’s a designated play space…so my thinking is could you find a site with only a couple of pitches, go when its half term so there will be kids…..and then you’d have your freedom to go off and do your own thing, but evenings/mornings would have some company for your child and maybe you too?

Gosh I have no idea why my posts wouldn’t send complete! What a Mish mash of info!!

I give up!! Just wrote another long reply and it’s only printed the first line!! On my tablet now and not my phone!! Oh well! I tried!

Gosh I have no idea why my posts wouldn’t send Gosh I have no idea why my posts wouldn’t send complete!!! What a Mish mash of info!!

 Gosh I have no idea why my posts wouldn’t send complete!!! What a Mish mash of info!!

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