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I’m completely new to being any kind of green, we’re a household of three and on average throw out about 5-6 bin liners of rubbish a  week… it not something I’m proud of and trying to change but it’s difficult to know where to start…so far I brought some reusable bags and brought the ingredients to make my own soap…. what do I do now?

Hi Emily, welcome to the forum! You’ve come to the right place, the forum is bursting with ideas of ways to be greener, and stories of the people who have tried it before you, to pass on their knowledge and experience. I’d start by making a cuppa and having a sift through the posts, or, if you have a particular idea, such as soap-making, do a search and you’re bound to find lots of posts to read. Have fun, ask questions and take it easy (it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at first, but think little steps, taken slowly, for changes that are sustainable). There’s also not just one way to be ‘green’, it really does look different to everybody, so perhaps think what you’re priorities might be and set out from there. And have fun!

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