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I’ve just started the fourth book of the Mortal Engines Quartet, having met Phillip Reeve the author at our local arts festival last month. DS is reading them too grin 

Next I have lined up the Dark is Rising Sequence to finish, I read the first two books then abandoned them to read Mortal Engines (tut tut!).

I read my first Terry Pratchett books last month, Nation and The Carpet People. I’ve felt so daunted by him for so long, but I really did love both books and I want to start on the Discworld books afterwards. I can’t wait! 

I’ve also being finishing up the last few Neil Gaiman books I hadn’t got round to reading, so I’m totally immersed in science fiction at the moment! 

What’s everyone else reading? 

My brother always read Terry Prathchet and I could never get into them, might give him another go though. Love Neil Gaimen, have read American Gods and a few others but would highly recommend the Sandman graphic novels if you haven’t read them (I borrowed the whole set from the library recently!). Haven’t heard of MEQ but sounds worth a read grin

Oh I have just checked our Preludes and Nocturnes from the library! DS is heavily into Marvel graphic novels, and I love Neil Gaiman and we often talk of his journey into writing (DS is/wants to be a writer), even though Sandman is DC. I get the impression it’s entirely not suitable for DS, who’s 10, but I think I’m going to like it. I’ve got The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman out of the library now and there is a great speech he wrote about why libraries matter.

I’ve always been put off Terry Pratchett, I thought of him as a bit like marmite, people either seem to love or hate him, and I assumed I would be in the latter box as I never really thought of myself as liking sci-fi. I picked up The Carpet People and found that there was a lot of humour and philosophy in it, which is a good combination, I think. I really liked Nation too, which didn’t really feel sci-fi-ish till the very end, but it ends in a very satisfactory way…...

There are just so many brilliant minds out there, writing such very good fiction (and non). I only wish I had a device to stop time so I could read them all…....

I realise this isn’t s recent thread but hoping I can join! Just on the final chapter of a book called ‘the last wolf’ by Jim crumpet which has been an incredible read. He clearly knows his stuff, he has a nice level of humour and his descriptions of places are just amazing. ive learnt an awful lot, have always been in favour of Reintroducing wolves but now I am even more interested. The benefits to the natural world would be huge.

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