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Me again, here to say I just can’t believe the weather we are having! It was 19’ here on Friday, incredible! We have just got back from a very lovely stroll along the nature path, lots of blossoms and daffodils and crocus filling my heart with joy grin

It’s half term here this week, so everywhere will be busy busy busy….we’re going to visit a couple of national trust properties and make the most of some of their free events, celebrate St David’s Day with a ramble around one of the local sites of an old castle, and get together for lots of play and sunshine with friends. I’ve just spent a couple of hours in the kitchen making lots of picnic style foods so we have lunch on the go ready, sun-dried tomato hummus, some spicy roasted sweet potato and chickpeas, some rice salad, and beetroot falafel.

Oh, and I have the dentist tomorrow, but that’s not so sunny… :-( 

What’s everyone else up to? 

x x x


I don’t come on here very often anymore but glad I nipped by just now really nice to see some names from when I joined. I hope you had a lovely week, good weather with some lovely sounding picnic food perfect.

Wish I had seen this when you posted as half term week seems long ago already!! and baby brain stayed with me I have trouble remembering where I was this morning let alone last week smile

It was so nice to have some sunny weather although I did feel slightly uneasy being so warm and February still. This week is back to expected windy rainy but that’s fine too there are signs of spring appearing daily around us here and lengthening days very welcome now. Log burner on, rain on window, mug of tea, house is quiet. Feeling grateful.


Hello lovely grin It went really quiet on here which is such a shame, I am trying to pop in a bit more often because I really appreciate this community and love ‘chatting’ on here (not much of a FB fan). Your home sounds lovely and cosy, we have had rain all day today and have spent the day playing boardgames, reading and getting lost down YouTube rabbit holes! I’m trying to be a bit more intentional about enjoying each day for what it brings, sunshine or rain, these days are fleeting and I want to cherish it all. Have a lovely week and hope to ‘see’ you soon xxx

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