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As the title says really - can you recommend any good websites to buy toys - preferably wooden?
I have bought from myriad in the past, but am finding them pretty expensive at the moment.
Specifically I’m looking for a big bus suitable for a 2 year old and a till for my 5 year old.
Any ideas

We love Myriad and still have all of DS’ toys from there from when he was little. We used to buy for Christmas/birthdays and always asked grandparents etc to chip in to make it affordable for us. I have also found stuff on ebay and I now know there are facebook groups dedicated to selling Grimm’s toys etc, so maybe have a look around there? Other than that, wooden toys are more available these days I think, I have seen stuff in Asda/Lidl/Aldi that are nice (we have a few sets of the Kapla style blocks from Aldi for example, and I think they have done marble runs too). A lot of it tends to be painted, but there are some untreated treasures to be found too. There’s always the possibility of making some toys too, though perhaps not a bus or till! But peg dolls, tree blocks etc we have made.

We are lucky here in Bristol/Bath to have quite a few independent toyshops- they are worth seeking out, as many now specialise in more ethical and sustainable toys

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