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Hi Everyone, 
I’m new on here and looking forward to chatting to some like minded people!

I’ve got a little boy, just coming up to 18 months, with another wee one due in September. Having never given it much thought before, since my son came along I have completely changed my outlook on parenting/education, and to cut a long story short have decided that unschooling is the way I want to go  in terms of education. I’ve had a lot of people (some of whom are aware of my decision, others not yet) advise me that I ought to be taking my son to ‘toddler groups’ (for socialisation etc I guess), despite the fact that he has a very full social life in other ways, and I was wondering two things really. 
A) Does anyone on here who does home ed/unschooling have any views on the merits of taking toddlers to these groups, many of which seem very much geared up as a precursor to pre-school, purely for the social side of it? Are these groups something that provide a great benefit at this age? I intend to find some local groups I can go along to when he is a bit older as a way of mixing with other like-minded peeps but now I’m starting to feel guilty that I haven’t been taking him since he was teeny tiny to groups specifically for young children…

which leads me to

B) I live quite rurally (South East Dartmoor, Devon) and have been looking, so far unsuccessfully, for groups indoor or outdoor or both, that are for home educators at the least rigid end of the spectrum/unschoolers. Does anyone know of any such groups in Devon or of good ways for me to find such groups beyond typing into the google search bar? Don’t have to be age specific.

sorry if my post has rattled on a bit, and sorry if it’s not particularly coherent! Please feel free to ask me to clarify if needs be…

Thankyou! Rose

Hi i am looking for a study group for year 1 n year 5 children… i am based in levenshulme Manchester. Thanks

Hey Rose,

Just a thought but have you tried looking on yahoo groups? Know they’re not as active these days now so many people are on FB but they can still be a good source of info and support. Might be worth a try if you haven’t looked already smile

We’ve been home edding for about 10 years now, since my eldest was 11 - didn’t even know it was an option before that, sounds crazy to me now but that was the reality. The home ed groups round us have so many families who’ve taken the decision to home ed before their children reach school age so plenty of littlies about - afraid we’re not near you so can’t offer any specific info.

Wishing you well with it all,


Hi Rose,
Just seen your post. I work together with some other mums, holding a weekly all age home ed hub in Sidmouth, Devon. Our website is if you’d like more info. One of the reasons we started it was to ensure there was a community that families could come and be a part of to once they’d decided to home educate, even if their children were still tiny! We currently have members from 5 months, up to 9 years old, but the range is expanding all the time

Mama to three small beautiful souls
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My 2 year old hasn’t yet been to nursery (I am going to try 2 mornings a week from September) and we haven’t been to any regular toddler groups. Mostly because I don’t like them! She gets plenty of socialisation due to her older brother of 4 years and friends that I have. I plan to Home Educate her as I will be doing with my son and have no worries at all about her making friends etc. I’m sure as long as you leave the house and have friends they’ll both be fine smile

Good luck!

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