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We are a family of 6 (one son at Uni) and various pets! 

I have been home educating for about 4 years now (I think?!)

I work freelance so we have lots of flexibility and time freedom and look forward to getting to know other green parents as we reduce our waste/spending and move towards bulk buying whole foods as food packaging is a big issue for us! 

I am very much into self sufficiency and craft, anyone else? 


Hey Angie,

Home ed mum of 4 over here. Love the idea of self sufficiency but very much lacking in the skills department smile And not the most talented of crafters either.

But the issue of reducing our spending and our waste, now those loom large on my mind at the moment. Recently started to make ecobricks, inspired by reading about them in a recent-ish issue (can’t remember which now), and realising that unrecyclable/non recyclable (??) plastic packaging was really the buck of what goes in our black bin these days.

Knew we had too much plastic going in the bin but didn’t realise just how much til faced with having to wash and dry it all - the photos on my fridge have been replaced by dripping packaging smile It’s a challenge to keep up with it all but it’s definitely motivating our search for more ways to bulk buy and buy loose.

All the best to you,


Welcome to the forum! smile

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