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I’m not sure if I have come to the right place to talk about my 3 year old son potentially having autism. Until Monday of this week the thought bad never entered my head however after he went for an induction at a local crèche the lady working there told my partner that she thought he was showing some signs of autism. She said he was doing more wrecking than playing and wouldn’t make eye contact with her.  My partner came home upset and woke me and told me what the lady had said. He does tend to wreck a lot when he’s playing but he also does  imaginative play. He always looks me in the eye when he’s talking to me and he does the same with my partner and his grandparents. I’ve been reading everything I can online and I’ve been watching him now for a few days. Hand flapping seems to be a sign of autism and I noticed him doing that this morning and he has done it in the past but it’s only when he’s been excited or constipated. His vocabulary is brilliant and he has been talking in full sentences since he’s was about 2. People have always commented on how great he is at talking. He has a big sister and a little sister and he plays well with them. He does play with other kids when we go to adventure playgrounds but I do feel like he prefers to play by himself. Can anyone help me here as I am going out of my mind with worry? I have went and booked him an appointment with the doctor next Thursday. Everything up until this point seemed to be spot on with him but now I feel like I’m overanalysing everything he does and I’ve convinced myself that he may have autism. 

Hi and welcome to the forum grin  Thank you for sharing your situation, hopefully somebody on here can give you some helpful advice. Personally I feel you should trust your instincts as a mother, you know him better than anyone and for a stranger who has only met him briefly to give him a ‘label’ is potentially damaging and very worrying for you. As long as he is physically healthy and happy I would be reluctant to take him to a doctor myself especially at the age of 3, it sounds to me like he is more advanced than my kids were at that age LOL. Good luck and like I said trust your gut..oh and don’t read too many scare stories or medical websites

I’m the father lol thanks and you’re completely right I am almost angry that someone who doesn’t know him has said that about him I thought it was quite rude. I’ve been trying to convince myself to just ignore it but now that it’s been said it has made me and my partner paranoid. He really is a very bright little boy and it’s probably foolish of us to let ourselves panic over a comment by someone who doesn’t know him. In my heart I’m almost certain he’s completely and if the lady hadn’t made the comment I wouldn’t even be thinking this.

I’ve been off the forum for a while but I can answer this as I’m autistic as are my two eldest children. Firstly don’t panic! Even if he is autistic he is still your little boy. A label won’t change anything just help to explain to others and to help him understand. My eldest hasn’t stopped being her she now can explain to others and access support. Little things like not having to que which means she doesn’t get mentally overloaded.
That said at 3 is it pretty hard to diagnose autism. Yes hand flapping, advanced speech and poor eye contact can indicate autism. But autism is a broad spectrum. I’d speak to your GP to log concerns in case you want to follow up later.

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