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Hi, I’d like to get some advice/opinions on what type of school might work.

Next year, or if things go smoothly this fall, we will be moving to the UK. I’m really eager to be in a new environment and I want my daughter to enjoy the experience as much as possible. However, she doesn’t know a lot of English yet, so that might take her a year of immersion.
Currently she’s attending a school that has integrated the 7 habits of succesful leadership (Covey) which goes well with her independency. 
This fall she would start learning to calculate, write and read in grade 3. I’m already worried, because suddenly playtime seems to be over and it’s sitting at a desk all day. (okay, that might be one of my grown-up issues smile).

Are there any people here that have experience with their child being schooled in a different language?
Is there a school type that you can recommend where she will stay confident in being herself?

I’m thinking of the Cambridge area, but her wellbeing comes first, so we could also move to a different area.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, I’m Dutch and living in the UK ( In Buckinghamshire). My kids switched from Dutch to English within a matter of weeks, although they were a bit younger when we moved, so I wouldn’t worry to much about that. It might help to expose her to more English from now until the move ie songs/ English cartoons etc ( same as you’d learn any new language) . They do teach kids to read and write etc much earlier in the UK than in Holland, ie they start with that in reception/ year 1 ( groep 1/2). I think it depends completely on the individual school how they integrate the Covey principles. Maybe looking at Montessori / Steiner schools online ( you can see their curriculum and their values online and get a flavour of their atmosphere) in your preferred location?

Hee hallo! smile
Thanks, good to hear from someone who’s children have made the same transition allready. I’ll look into the type of schools you suggested. She started practicing English all by herself recently ,so she’ll have a basic vocabulary by then smile

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