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Hello everyone. I wanted to join this community to share my clean eating and vegan lifestyle ideas with the others - to encourage everyone to start making small changes in their lives. 

After spending years to change my unhealthy eating habits and incorporating vegan choices, ive seen so many positive changes in every part of my life. I cant wait to share my journey will all.  I also think its a great idea to have a platform where we can spread the word.

Please share tips and tricks about sustainable living and clean eating to help each other reduce their carbon footprint xx

Hi Samanali, I too share the same views as you! I have been vegan for almost 2 years (and vegetarian for like 30 years).
I too am after tips and tricks on sustainable living, being eco-friendly and more conscious about what I buy and my actions.
I find that doing things incrementally helps me the most at my time, my lesiure and my own pace. A small change a week is a huge change overall smile

Hey thanks for these links!

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