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Children spend more time on mobile. as a parents we know its bad for his mental & physical growth. How to control his cellphone activity.

The evidence says it’s better to build resilience in children to the potential for online harm, rather than tracking, blocking and monitoring. Have a look at the information on and follow researcher Professor Andy Przybylski of the Oxford Internet Institute on Twitter as he dispels lots of myths.

When we rely on blocking and tracking children, it undermines trust and removes their opportunities to develop digital resilience.  Ignoring the impending climate collapse, children will need to be savvy users of the online space. The best thing you can do to support the development of their digital resilience is: create an environment at home where they can tell you about problems; avoid sanctioning their tech as children often see it as essential so they won’t tell you if they think you’re going to take it away; be interested in their online lives, even if it seems boring to you, asking them what they do, who they speak with, where they go, and why - this tells them you care and that you understand it so if they have a problem they’ll feel able to come to you; be willing to talk about anything in an age appropriate way otherwise they’ll go online and look it up.

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