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My daughter is due to start settling in sessions at an independent school nursery in September but I’m having a bit of a wobble about whether it’s the right choice for her. We chose the school because it’s a small school with a family feel and small class sizes and we liked the atmosphere and variety of activities we saw at their open day. However, my daughter is very strong minded and they are quite strict with rules and uniform etc and I’m worried it might change her personality. Ideally I’d love to send her somewhere with good consistent boundaries but fewer rules, plenty of outdoor time, a focus on play, no uniform etc that allows children to be themselves but these alternative schools seem to be few and far between so I wondered if anyone has a recommendation that I may not be aware of? I’ve come across the London Acorn School which sounds great but would need some thought about whether we’re able to commit to their policies around screen time at home. Any advice or thoughts would be very welcome!

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