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Hey, I’m from Leeds and always been inteterested in things like wildlife and animal conservation and rewilding and off the back off that being quite eco friendly. Trying to be predominantly vegan and in the last year I’ve cut out all the non natural products in our house and attempted to be a bit less wasteful and move towards a zero waste lifestyle. trying to be cleverer about what I buy and choose sustainable products and services.  Hoping to bring my little boy up in a healthy living environment where the planet matters and recently trying my hardest to work on work life balance as well by spending more quality time together (largely outdoors)

Would be great to meet some other local folk or just make virtual friends with similar interests

Hiya. I am not as eco’d up as you but I am doing things like not having plastic toys in party bags, recycling, not buying throw away fashion, buying recycled. I am not vegi or vegan but I try and by wholefoods and avoid junk. I have two boys, Seb (5) and Gabe (7) and live in Notts. I sent out a message to all whatapp contacts on the World Strike Day to do something Earth Kind. Some people loved it….some!!! Getting green needs to be fun or it will never happen is my view. How old is your son? Xx

Hi, i am a mum of 3 boys, so its really important for us to get out. also i run a nursery with the forest school ethos we are small and try to get children out doors exploring. as we know being in the fresh air and getting exercise helps mental health and minimizes frustration, as long as they are wrapped up and have waterproof clothing.

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