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My name is Bec and I run a local business in North Devon – with my business partner and aunty, Deb.

All of our work centres around Wellbeing from the inside-out. 

In November we are hosting our 2nd North Devon Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference.

We are really passionate about filling the room to ensure that the people who would most benefit from being there can be.

Our approach sits really well with this group and we would love to connect and share more about the conference and find out if this event would be beneficial to the members here.

One of our speakers has been involved (in America) with running schools of an alternative nature. 

If you are interested in more information please let me know.

We currently run as a business as setting up as a charity had too many difficult hoops to jump through. We are so passionate about sharing what we have seen to be transformational - for ourselves and others - that Deb sold her house to invest in the business and I gave up a very secure Civil Service job and moved to Devon to run the business alongside Deb.

Early next year we will be researching how to set up as a CIC and hope that the conference next year will be run entirely as a Community project.

I look forward to connecting with many of you

Bec (and Deb)

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