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Hi everyone! I was looking for a Christmas thread and couldn’t find one, so forgive me if this is already done.

i just thought I’d share what I am doing so far to avoid too much waste this Christmas and keep us on the green path!
-saving old packaging and fabric/charity shop scarves to wrap gifts
-my neighbour dropped a load of hedge clippings in my garden so  I’ve dried them and I’m using those for decorating parcels! (They look like little trees)
-I found lovely natural string in The Works in non plastic packaging 

so that’s my wrapping tips!

For gifts:
-buying preloved where possible- I have scoured charity shops and facebook marketplace for presents and have preloved superhero costumes and toys for DS1 and preloved Paw Patrol  bits for DS2.
-I have  bought Epsom salts, soy wax, and essential oils plus various old glass jars and bottles to make  my own bath salts and candles for gifts
-I am also saving small tins to make mini Christmas cakes or panettone 
-I have made both DSs a Christmas list to send to family with minimal gifts on and mostly “non toy” items such as play passes and tickets  for local facilities
-for me and DH we’ve made a gift fund list to buy ourselves a luxury bell tent to use for future staycations
i used this website for both of these:’s nice and easy to use and send links out.

With regards to trees and decor we already have a fake tree (sorry!) and decorations so I don’t really need to add to that but I am going to rustle up a felt garland on my sewing machine.

We never send Christmas cards. I think they’re the greatest waste of time for this time of year!

I love these ideas! I use brown paper to wrap my presents, as it’s recyclable and looks lovely dressed up with ribbon or yarn. Your idea of using hedge clippings to decorate is great too – we always go out to find holly, ivy and green bits to decorate the house at Christmas – they look so beautiful on a mantle piece or in a fireplace bedecked with twinkly lights.

Many of our presents come from charity shops and boot fairs too – I buy bits all year round and save them for Christmas time. We also make Christmassy bath bombs for presents too…

I love the idea of making bath bombs but thought bath salts would be sooo easy!

Love love love natural decorations. I’ve just dried out a load of lemon slices to attach to hampers. I think natural things look so lovely.

I love these ideas thank you! This year we’ll be making homemade chutneys and giving them out as presents in small reusable glass jars. Has anyone else done the same before?

Hi worldtraveler, not chutney but I made my own jam and it was so nice!

Wonderful ideas! I have got some old glass jars, and adding baking ingredients to them. Can also do this with hot chocolate ingredients.

It’s a tough time for a lot of people at the moment. I’m one of the lucky ones to be able to work from home so actually have a bit more disposable income now with the lockdown as I can’t go out! Time to show my support to others with some gifts.

Great idea with the wrapping paper, definitely worth doing to save on waste. Not seen Things To Get Me before but looks interesting. I’ve been looking for my 7 year old nephew and found some cool sites. Trying to find the balance between something he’ll love to play with and promote an active and healthy body and environmentally friendly products. Some cool sites I found are: - Family run & environmentally friendly products - Toys that encourage kids to be healthy, active & help them develop - Natural toys

If anyone has anything they bought as a present at christmas that went down really well then I’m all ears!

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