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Hi Everyone, 

I’m about to have my first baby and know that I will be unable to breastfeed due to previous breast surgery. So I’ve been spending lots of time researching the various formulas for my baby. If I can’t breastfeed then I want to be sure that any formula I give to my baby is the next best thing. I’ve been reading up lots about palm oil and how it can affect your baby’s stomach, behavior etc and even replicate similar symptoms to colic and lactose intolerance, apparently it’s in pretty much every baby formula and baby food available. So what i’m looking to try and find out is if there is any baby milk that doesn’t contain palm oil? This has really upset me and made me wonder why these manufacturers who make formula for our babies and even allowed to put this in their milk!


Hi Helen, congratulations on your pregnancy! Palm oil seems to get everywhere doesn’t it?! Have you thought about using donor milk, so expressed milk from another mother, and giving your baby breastmilk in a cup or bottle that way? Human Milk for Human Babies is a great resource that would give you more information.

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