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I am currently in Los Angeles (English but been here 3 months) and attending a RIE parenting class – developed by Magda Gerber – all based on the RIE principles and respectful parenting. When I return to London in January 2020 I am keen to find like minded parents who may know of RIE classes in London or want to meet to create an informal class. My son Woods will be 11 months and I am keener on this type of experience for him than many classes offered. If anyone is ‘out there’ (!) with any suggestions, ideas or already follows the RIE / Janet Lansbury style in London please get in touch! I have had one woman respond on Mumsnet and we will be meeting to discuss creating an informal class but we are keen to find other mums who may be interested or already know of such classes. The ones here in LA have been invaluable to me.



I’m definitely interested!
I will be moving to LA in June so keen to understand where I find the RIE community there



I’m planning to find RIE community in London this coming June. Thanks for this post!

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