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My daughter will be 2 in September and we are thinking about converting her cot bed into a bed and giving her a duvet sometime soon. She has got a Natural Mat mattress, organic cotton sheets and has been using an organic cotton sleeping bag. I'm not sure what the best type of duvet would be though - organic cotton? wool? duck down? Also, can anyone recommend the best place to buy one? I have seen a few in the Green Baby catalogue but I'm not sure if these are best/cheapest.
Thanks for any advice you can give!

To be honest, I don't know!!  I guess off the top of my head, it depends what type of house you live in.  If it's well heated then you could get away with a cooler one (cotton?) and maybe go for wool if you live in a house like our old house where night-time trips to the loo were a dangerous journey!!   wink  I noticed just today that the Natural Collection sell duvets, but not sure if these were adult sizes or not.  If it was me, I would probably open up the sleeping bag and use that as a duvet and see how she goes and then make (or buy) a patchwork quilt to go over the top if you think she needs the extra weight.  That would be the money-saving option I guess! 

I made a patchwork quilt out of all my children's babygros after baby number 3 (as we thought he would be the last!).  The babygros were so old and worn and had been very second hand when I had bought them, that I knew no charity shop would want them and anyway, they had some very precious memories.  I now have a lovely patchwork quilt for Winter nights that reminds me of lots of happy occasions with my little brood!   smile

Home educating Mammy to DD aged 13, DS aged 12, DS aged 10, DD aged 7, DD aged 3 and DS aged 2 weeks!!  grin

Thank you both very much! I think I will go with the Green Baby stuff but really love the idea of a patchwork quilt as I've kept all of my daughters old babygrows…just need to find the time to make it!

Babygrows tend to be jersey, which seems to need an interlocker - is there anything special you need to do to sew them into a quilt? I've tried rehemming hersey t-shirts and everything seems to stretch to baggy - does this happen? I LOVE the idea of a quilt made of my favourite babygrows (although still on no 1 so not just yet).

Here's a plug for my employers but Mothercare do a 100% wool duvet.  It's not organic as far as I know but it's natural wool, comes in cotbed or normal single bed size. The cotbed size is around £30. 

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