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My eldest is 3.5 yrs and has been seeing a speech therapist since 2 as he suddenly went from talking fine to saying just "buzz" for everything. He's now catching up but still a bit behind and we have been seeing a Dr about this and a few other concerns (noticed by ourselves & preschool).

He's obsessed with lining things like his cars up, colour coordinated etc, does not socialise as well as other children, can't play with more than 1 child at a time, gets very upset with change of routine or loud noises…etc etc. We've been told we're wasting our time with things like the naughty step and on the other hand getting comments about how we don't control him properly etc.

We saw a paediatrician this morning and when 4 she wants to start the process to "label" him either autistic (v mild) or aspergers. I understand that if this is the case and if he is diagnosed he will then get more help in the school environment but is this the best way to go?

I don't understand much about it all yet and she advised us to get books by Tony Atwood. Are these any good - are there any others to recommend?

Any advice hugely welcome guys - I'm not sure what this will all mean for my little angel :'('s all a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Hello and welcome to the forum

Firstly, big hugs as you are probably feeling a real mix of emotions at the moment and it is a tumultuous ride  smile   :-\

Tony Attwood is very positive about Aspergers, he has a website which I have found useful. I think he is one of the most well known advocates for people with aspergers.

I found that all the unknown time before a diagnosis (not of AS or autism but a different thing) was really upsetting and it took up a lot of energy fighting for a diagnosis and help, and then when our LO was diagnosed at first I was relieved the 'fight' was over but then very upset that he definately did have this condition that would affect him for life.  Then, we seemed to come across lots of worse-case-scenarios that felt devestating and have now come back onto the even keel of just getting on with it. 

So, the rollercoaster is absolutely exhausting and it's just so important to have supportive people around you.

I don't know if you were asking for anything more, but we're all hear to support and listen.



Mummy to four little ones

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