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Just registered on here so first of all will say Hi!

Anyway, I'm 12 weeks PG with no.2 and have completely gone off anything dairy based. I really can't face cheese, milk, yoghurts or anything creamy/milky without it making me sick.

I'm worried that I'm not getting enough calcium and was wondering if there's some sort of supplement I can take while pregnant?


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Go to health food shop and check out supplements, Patrick Holford's 'Optimum Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy' recommends getting about 1,200mg per day 'which is more than double the average intake and almost impossible to get without supplementing' - he says that as Calcium works in partnership with magnesium it's vital to take one that's balanced 2 parts calcium to one part magnesium.  Good sources in food are: cheese, almonds, parsley, corn tortillas, globe artichoke, prunes, pumpkin seeds, cooked sried beans, cabbage.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon


I don't know about supplements, but there are many 'better' sources of calcium than dairy, as written in this article:

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Cereal is a very good source of calcium. If you can manage it dry it also makes a great snack, with or without milk

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