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My husband and I are Americans who live in Rome where our daughters attend a British international school.  We spent a month this summer in Cornwall and enjoyed our time there so much that we would like to go back for a year sabbatical.  I was wondering if anyone from the area had any recommendations to primary schools in or around Penzance or St. Ives?  I was told to look on Ofsted, but really have no idea if this is the way to go or if it would reflect any of the criteria that I think is important as a "Green Parent".  We're looking for a small, caring and nurturing environment, but not private as we would like to save some money while away.  Right now we pay a lot for their schooling which is a huge sacrifice for us, and so it would be nice if we could find a great state school in that area.  Thanks, Linda    


Ofsted wouldn't give you any green ideas about a place, but should give you a start to understand how caring an environment a school is.  It might help as a first sift, if your post doesn't bring any specific reccomendations.

The inspection reports are at:

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