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Thomas is really into his books at the moment but the collection at our local library are really awful.  Most of them are torn, or scribbled all over and there aren't very many there anyway.  I thought I'd buy a few second hand from Amazon etc and was wondering if anyone could recommend the ones their little ones enjoy.  He sits with his Dad every evening and will listen to the stories as long as they aren't too long, and he loves pointing and trying to say all the things in the pictures so he especially likes ones with pictures of normal everday things (buses, dogs, trees, babies etc) or books with creatures in as he loves owls, octopuses (?!?) cows, sheep, fish etc!

We're really lucky with our library here and my two girls like all sorts.  Mr Men books are very popular, Peter Rabbit books, we've also got a lovely set of Percy the Parkkeeper ones (or Percy the Carpeeker as dd1 used to call him :D ).  Before you buy on Amazon, how about asking on freecycle, if you've got a local one, it's the sort of thing that people might not think of offering, but if asked might decide to have a bit of a cull iyswim smile

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My little girl loves anything with postman pat or thomas the tank engine.  I've found a lovely book from the USA called Saturday with Mez - "a day in the life of a breastfeeding toddler".  It's got 28 pages of photos showing all the things that mez gets up to, going shopping, eating, reading and breastfeeding.  It's an independent book, put together by hand by Mez's Mum and Dad.

You can order it directly off them, which is what I did, at the following address

Lauren was really lovely and was really quick sending the book out.  It's a really positive book for breastfeeding toddlers and I can't recommend it highly enough.

you should go to charity shops and bootsales for books as well - they generally only cost 10-20p each.  We love any books, but are especially fond of the Hairy McClary ones - the stories are rhyming ones and are funny too.

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Would definately sort through your charity shop selection- in some shops we find a lot of tatty ones and then you find a gem….... We are lucky in that our local library turns its books over very frequently such that I came out with five fairly good ones for £1 last week. Nearly new sales??? Being slighly cheeky and asking friends with older kids if they want to get rid of any??

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Mine love the Gruffalo, Slinky Malinky/Hairy McLairy, Dr Seuss books and for some unknown reason the Usborne books Apple Tree farm series which I think is astonishingly boring.

Most of our books have come from the local charity shop.  They tend to be under £1 each and if the girls don't like them I just take them back in next time I'm in town.

D x

Mine also love the Apple TRee farm ones! And anything by Julia Donaldson. The BIggest Bed in the World is good for co-sleepers. Herb the Vegetarian Dragon is good for little veggies, and other titles from Barefoot books are also popular in our house, like the Summer Queen and the Winter King. Little Red TRactor books are my son's favourite things right now. And we've recently discovered the children's books from the Eden project after a recommendation here, they're great!

Liz grin x

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My boys love the usuals; Mr Men, Apple Tree Farm, Dr Seuss, The Gruffalo etc. If you want some nice ethical books, Dr Seuss's The Lorax is fab on consumer ethics/eco, Jeannette Winterson's The King of Capri teaches about greed and is beautifully written and illustrated and Handa's Surprise is a lovely cross-cultural one too.
Actually there are some fab Dr Seuss short stories which discuss society ethics - 'Yertle the Turtle' (class), 'The Sneetches' (racial equality) and 'The Zax' (stubbornness), for instance. We have a collection of them in one book and the Sneetches is probably no 1 story here at bedtime.

Yep, all of the above for us.  Our Mr Men's have got so raggy through being read, I've had to replace a few!  I bought "The Pop-up Mice of Mr Brice" (a Dr Seuss-type book) as I remember loving it as a child and mine have loved it too, probably best for supervised reading though as the pop-up mice get a bit pulled about and loved to death!!  ;D

Recently bought "Squash and a Squeeze" by the same makers of Gruffalo and my little 2 year old thinks it's great, especially as the poem is a bit repetitive so she can copy it and shout it out! 

I kept all my old Beatrix Potter books too and my children love these, even though some of the text is a bit taxing for little ones, they just love the pictures and the fact that they are hand-size.  I also kept my old Noddy books, but nobody really likes these, I have to say I never realised as a child how violent they were.  Slappings and scoldings all over the place, I think I might charity shop them and loosen up a bit of space on the bookshelf for something less miserable!

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