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Just wondering if there is a certain part of the UK that has the highest population of green parents. Where are you? I'm in Kent

there's a "where are you" thread somewhere ages ago- there are loads of greenies in Cornwall by the look of it- and not many here in Lincoln-

It's nice to hang out with other like-minded "greenies" and being around them inspires you to be greener yourself.  But take courage if you feel that the people around you are not so green, because I rec the other side of that coin is that leading a green life inspires the people around you to think twice about their choices, who otherwise might not.

Incidentally, Gill, I know quite a few greenish mums in Lincoln.  Email me if you would like me to put you in touch.  [[email protected]] I'm only down the road in Horncastle.  If you have children under 3, hop on the bus and come to our Steiner/Waldorf group - we're all green and friendly!

I'm near Boston but there doesnt seem to be (m)any green parents round here.  I know of a few in and around Lincoln though (Laura - do you know Jane with Ella (I think) that lives in lincoln?)

Where and when is the Steiner/Waldorf group?  I'd love to go along to one if its ok for me to do so?

Maybe we'll have to organise a Lincolnshire meet up?


SAHM to B, R, E, M, S, J, A and A

Lucie - yes, come along to Waldorf group, you'd be very welcome.  I've replied in more detail in the meeting up (lincolnshire thread) so as not to bore the good people of Kent and elsewhere!

We live in london which doesnt sound very green at all smile

For all your woolly needs!!

I live in Bedford! but I would love to live in either Devon, Cornwall or The Lakes ..........

[quote author=finandshaysmum link=topic=392.msg4582#msg4582 date=1188907977]
We live in london which doesnt sound very green at all smile

London too and it does sometimes feel like you're the only one…   We're in Chelsea, but not half as smart as that sounds.  In fact, not very smart at all!

we're in warwickshire

Nic, with 5 boys and counting…...

South Beds for us, we've met a few green parents, but always on the look out for more..

Nottingham here smile

[quote author=Nicpink link=topic=392.msg4793#msg4793 date=1189273338]
we're in warwickshire

Ooh whereabouts?  That's 'home' for me (parents still live there - Alcester, nr Stratford)

HEing, BFing Mum to 2 gorgeous girls (K Oct03 and M June05)

Seems like pretty much everywhere but Scotland - okay, okay, I know there are about half a dozen of us on this forum, but I want MORE.  Sorry, small tantrum there, too much hanging about with toddlers recently  wink 

I wish there was something we could put in the water to make everyone green - erm, that sounds very odd - I'm obviously having a poor communication day, but you know what I mean.  Basically, I want all the parents I meet to be more like the forum members!


Hello - North Norfolk here!  (am I the only one?) *anybody out there helooooooooo?!!*  smile

Northwest, between Bolton and Wigan… and I seem to be all alone here too…..!!!

Im in Suffolk theres a few round here but could always do with more. wink

I am from Suffolk too  smile near Sudbury *waves*

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