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About a week ago as I was feeding and cuddling Sam in bed I accidentally dislocated his shoulder.  It's the first time his shoulder has come out and for some reason it's really upset me as it was just from cuddling and of course then he was in a state while I was trying to put it back in.

I've been feeling sad about it ever since.  Dunno why i'm posting here, but i mentioned to DH and family who just don't understand why i'm upset as he's had 100's of dislocations so far, for some reason this one has upset me.  Maybe cos we were cuddling, maybe cos the shoulder is a biggie to dislocate or just the reality of it.  sigh.


Mummy to four little ones

It would upset me too if that's any help.  Cuddling up to your children is such a joy and I imagine you must feel frightened that it will happen again when you cuddle him and this is bound to make you feel sad.  Bless you, what a horrible thing to happen to both of you.   :'(

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Lots of hugs to you LK - it must be so hard for you helping him to deal with his condition, and this happening in such a loving situation would be sad for any mother.  xxxx


sending hugs to you :-*

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Thank you for the kind thoughts, I suspect i'm just wallowing a bit lately  :-\  I blame the cold weather, and having to get out and about making me feel huffy and emotional…..  (got to blame something and dh is fed up of being the all-round scapegoat)  smile


Mummy to four little ones

Hope you feel better soon  :-*

meg pulled her arm out of the socket..fallign off a sofa and her arm stuck…but i felt horrendous!
i think if we cant prevent something happening to our children its the worst thing
hugs to you hun
em x

ianna, home edding mum to 3 kiddies, and the menagerie of pets!
LETS number 16

Gosh yes, that would be really difficult. I think the weather is difficult
too and January a challenging month.
love from us

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