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Does anyone else think the small recycling box some councils provide is totally inadequate for the amount of recyclable goods it need to hold!

We have a collection of various recycling boxes and bins, but also need to collect quite a few things to take to recycling centre.  We have a recycling mountain in our house, which does show me how much packaging we get through.  It's embarrassing.


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Ask a neighbour who doesn't fill up to use their bin space?

We get a wheelie bin the same size as our general rubbish bin here - and because of how many of us there are in our house we get two of each.  They are very strict about what they will take though.


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We've got a wheelie bin for recycling, and at the moment, with all the sorting out we are doing even that is not enough.  Plus I have acquired a stack of the old recycling crates that they used to use for me to sort the stuff they won't take in the wheelie bin.  It is depressing how much "stuff" we no longer require, even if it is going for recycling :(

we get a wheelie bin here too, but in the last year I have got really strict on buying things with minimal packaging (and re-using, composting, green cone, freecycle) so produce 1 black binbag every 2 weeks of normal rubbish and 1/2 to 2/3 fill the recycling bin…but I'm sure I could reduce it down more if I really try.

We do all that too. I'm getting a little hacked off with freecycle, as no-one wants the stuff I need gone, eg a carry cot, perfectly sound, but as it is not a moses basket, no-one is interested grrrr.  Might hold out for NCT sale in a few months time.

Hello Lucy,

We ran out of room in our recycling bin - and our council gave us two extra ones and a larger "green" bin for garden waste.  If you've not already talked to them, it might be worth it - just in case?

I think some councils have larger budgets for recycling and are better at listening/responding than others ... so I wish you luck

Best wishes

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Thanks for all the advice. I was unaware I might be ablt to get a wheelie bin or request and additional bin.

I'm going to call the council today.

Thanks again everyone

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