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i am thinking about getting a bokashi bin for composting all of our food waste. has anyone got one? are they worth the money - does the extras cost a lot monthly? -  do you get a lot of compost from it and where is best to get one?
ive got some birthday money to spend…


lucky Mum to two daughters aged 6 and 3.

I’ve been looking at getting one of these too, the reports I’ve read from it on other forums are all positive.  I have priced them up too and there’s massive differences.  For a pair with 6 months (or was is 2?) supply of ‘bran’ range from £75 to £43, have a look around for the best deals, apparantly some councils are offering them at a discount price (not mine sadly).

Mammy to DD 10 , DS 8 and DD 6. 

‘If you do what you always did, you get what you always got’

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